5 tips for dry skincare during winters


              Love the cold winters! We wait for the chill in the air to brush against our rosy cheeks. Did you know that the cold breeze affects our skin just equally adversely as the scorching sun? The skin gets dry, pale, itchy and scaly during the winters. It becomes extremely essential to take good care of our delicate skin. Our skin is exposed to the environment around us and reacts accordingly. Our skin becomes dry and lifeless. There are a few ways to care for our skin during these harsh winters. Listing a few here:


1) Hydrate yourself inside out: The first rule to avoid dryness of the skin is to drink enough water so that your skin feels hydrated enough. 

2) Use the Skincare products and makeup products according to your skin type: Make sure you use all products from your cleanser to your moisturiser and also to your lipsticks and Blush on are selected as per your skin type. The products which are specifically for the dry skin have added moisturisers and oils thus making them perfect for use. 

3) Lukewarm water is just the right temperature for your skin: Always use lukewarm water and not too hot as the hot water robs the essential oils from your skin, thus making it dry! 

4) Lock the moisture immediately as you wash face:  Make sure you apply your moisturisers immediately after your bath as you can lock the moisture inside to make your skin look soft and supple. 

5)  Moisturisers are better than oils: Let's not get onto what is better, rather let's try and use both. First, apply a few drops of oil on your face, so that it locks the moisture and then you can layer it up with a moisturiser. 


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