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INFLIGHT SKINCARE ESSENTIALS On my recent trip to Russia, I realised many travellers are unaware as to how important it is to take care of your skin during a long flight. Hence the idea of writing this blog. As we know that a long flight dehydrates your skin due to the lack of Oxygen. The recycled air also affects your skin. A few things to carry in your handbag so that you land with glowing skin just when you land. (Apt for selfies when you get off the flight). As we know there are restrictions as to what you can carry in your cabin and handbag. The key is to carry travel size products. As we know liquids more than 150 ml are not allowed. These things, when kept in mind, will make it easy for you to go through security checking. A list of all the things I carried in my skincare kit in my handbag to use it frequently during my flight. ·        Hand cream ·        Lip balm ·        Body butter ·        Lipstick ·        Eyeliner ·        Hydrating Face Mist ·