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Five things to do during COVID 19 Lockdown

                Five things to do during COVID 19 Lockdown The time is difficult, things are negative but we can see a positive side to it too. Let us see what we can do to make our time at home positive and helpful to us. Five things we can do to make our homestay more productive : Self Introspection Revisiting your goals Wardrobe Management Quality time with your family Eat Local 1) Self Introspection: In today's fast life, with the hustle-bustle of our busy schedules, we have lost our me-time. We don't give enough time to ourselves to think whether what we are doing is right, Should we be doing this, what can be another option to do things differently etc. We can have some time to ourselves when we are able to focus on our life, our aims. What we would want to achieve and how. How we can give back to our society and many more issues which we may not let our minds even think for a minute as there are a hundred and one other priorities and that time. So medita