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Video Calling Tips

Video Calling Tips         The year 2020, began with a lot of expectations. Everyone thought it would be a year full of celebrations. Maybe God had his way of making it a happening year. It turned out that the humans were locked up in their houses as the nature healed itself. People who only knew to run in rat race, live a superfast life, work hard and party double hard had to change their plans as the world suddenly came to a grinding halt. The total lockdown of all the big countries of the world, made it compulsory to stay where they are for months together.         People feared stepping out of their houses to save themselves. Avoided meeting their old parents to keep them away from any exposure to the deadly Corona Virus. Offices and Business houses had to be only Work from Home.          “Man is a social animal,” is known to all of us. Man needs to connect with their family and friends. Luckily, in this time of cris