On my recent trip to Russia, I realised many travellers are unaware as to how important it is to take care of your skin during a long flight. Hence the idea of writing this blog.
As we know that a long flight dehydrates your skin due to the lack of Oxygen. The recycled air also affects your skin. A few things to carry in your handbag so that you land with glowing skin just when you land. (Apt for selfies when you get off the flight). As we know there are restrictions as to what you can carry in your cabin and handbag. The key is to carry travel size products. As we know liquids more than 150 ml are not allowed. These things, when kept in mind, will make it easy for you to go through security checking.
A list of all the things I carried in my skincare kit in my handbag to use it frequently during my flight.
·       Hand cream
·       Lip balm
·       Body butter
·       Lipstick
·       Eyeliner
·       Hydrating Face Mist
·       Tinted moisturiser
·       Sunscreen
·       Powder Foundation / Compact Powder

Here you can see in the pictures all the products I carried in a small travel kit.

·       The SEPHORA TANGERINE HAND BALM Hands are the first place to show signs of ageing since the skin on it, is much thinner than the rest of the body. This variant works perfectly for me since it intensely hydrates my hands with an uplifting fragrance that lingers all day long.

·       CARMEX LIP BALM An essential for all travellers to prevent chapped lips and dry lips. Keep reapplying as required, since lips tend to get dehydrated, especially during long flights.

·       KAMA AYURVEDA KOKUM & ALMOND BODY BUTTER. ­A tester size works perfectly since it lends hydration to the drier areas like your elbows, knees without adding bulk to your handbag.

·       COLORBAR PENCIL LIPSTICK:  My shade here is ‘Take me as I am’. This shade just lights up my face the minute it is on my lips. I prefer to apply this just before the flight is going to land. My one reason to carry a Pencil Lipstick is for security reasons too. As you know nowadays the new lipstick packaging comes with magnetic covers so that your lipstick cover does not open up in your bag. This may cause a little problem during security check where they may just through away your lipstick in the bin.

·       NARS LIQUID BLACK EYELINER:  Nothing makes me look more put together than a flick of black liner across my eyes. The felt tip liner makes it easier to apply the liner, with its jet-black colour payoff adding the perfect amount of colour to your face.

·       CLINIQUE MOISTURE SURGE HYDRATING FACE MIST:  A good hydrating mist is my go-to during any long flights. Instantly gives my skin a rush of hydration. Works well for flights since the recycled air often dehydrates the skin. Spraying a hydrating mist keeps your skin hydrating and plump. Reapply as required by your skin.

·       TINTED MOISTURISER: OIL OF OLAY BB CREAM: An easy way of carrying tinted moisturiser is to use a lens case to store small amounts of product. Easy to use, and doesn’t add a lot of volume and bulk to my makeup case.
Carry your shade of tinted moisturiser to lend coverage while hydrating your skin. It’s the easiest way to get healthy, hydrated skin on the flight. Making you ready & presentable for the rest of the day.

·       SUNSCREEN: SUN STOP: I cannot do without my sunscreen, no matter where I am. I am carrying this in my lens case too, in order to have a light makeup bag. Sunscreen is a must, especially on long – haul flights, since the UV rays tend to affect our skin when we’re up in the air.

·       NARS ALL DAY LUMINOUS POWDER FOUNDATION: The easiest way to lend your skin a matte look and some coverage is a powder foundation. Lends the right amount of coverage without making skin look cakey. My preferred one is the Nars All Day Luminous Powder Foundation for my skin. Hydrates and yet mattifies while providing enough coverage to hide my flaws.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and you can implement some of these tips and tricks into your next flight.

Do let me know if any of these tips helped you!

Lots of love,
Falguni Shrimanker
Ikonic Persona Image Consultancy


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